What The RSS Is Doing On The Ground In The Fight Against Coronavirus 

Joshi asserted that because of the feeling of insecurity and due to the lack of trust, people who make India’s massive workforce, are preferring to move towards their homes after the announcement of the nationwide lockdown. He was referring to the issues, conditions and situations surrounding the working migrant force. It is facing difficulties on account of the 21-day lockdown — mostly pertaining to needs and uncertainty.

Joshi said that wherever the workers are, the society must take care of them. He mentioned the work of RSS volunteers towards fighting the effects of the Covid-19 on the poor as a ‘bhaav’ — an emotion and expression. He said that this was needed to overcome the next set of days in the lockdown in India’s serious fight against the coronavirus.

This year, before the Covid-19 scenario came knocking, Ramnavami was expected to be observed in a special and grand celebration. This year, the iconic idol of Ram Lalla has been able to come out of the tent over a proper sthhapana ceremony that took place at the Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya.

People’s participation was the first thing that the Hindu organisations struck off during March — in Ayodhya and across the country.

With the Covid-19 situation demanding a focused approach to serving people, RSS took a leading role among Hindu organisations in spreading the work and word on social distancing and, most importantly, in helping the weaker sections brave the changes brought in by the countrywide lockdown.

In his Ramnavami address, Joshi was also communicating with the one lakh RSS workers in action, currently, across the country. They are involved in helping people of the weaker sections and the poor.

They are looking after their food needs, providing them essential goods in kits and by providing them moral and emotional support to overcome difficulties over strict adherence to the norms of social distancing.

Workers of the RSS were also seen at the forefront to help fight the set of crises facing the migrant workers arising from their exodus from Delhi.

The RSS, known for extending social service during emergencies and natural calamities (including the Uttarakhand floods of 2013 and the Kerala floods of 2019), is on a nationwide campaign to ensure that the needy receive both tangible and intangible support to push back uncertainties.

After the nationwide lockdown was announced, volunteers in Delhi and different parts of the country came up with the most essential element in their work of extended help. Essential grocery kits.

These kits have rice, flour, dal, sugar, oil, basic spices used in cooking, salt, tea, soap and bathing soap bundled together. They are being distributed among the poor by RSS volunteers.

RSS-inspired organisation Seva Bharati, too, has plunged into action and is assisting in communication and distribution of masks.

Seva Bharati volunteers are extending thought and action towards Covid-19 frontline warriors.

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