[Watch] India Targets Pakistani Terror Launch Pads And Gun Areas In PoK, Inflicts Heavy Damage

This footage captured by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle stems from the same sector where five Indian Army special forces jawans were martyred while battling terrorists.

They had been heli-dropped nearby after an unmanned aerial vehicle detected a trail by infiltrating terrorists.

Operating under heavy snow and bad visibility the unit was able to track down the terrorists but as they neared them snow under their feet gave way leading to three members of the squad falling into a gorge, right where the terrorists had taken shelter.

Coming under heavy fire the soldiers who had fallen into the gorge appear to have put up a brave fight, they were joined by those who had escaped the fall. In the ensuing combat, all the five terrorists were eliminated while three of Para squad were killed by the terrorists. The remaining two members of the army squad were heavily injured and succumbed to injuries after evacuation from the site.

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