Supreme Court To Hear Petition On Migrants Amid Lockdown Tomorrow

Supreme Court To Hear Petition On Migrants Amid Lockdown Tomorrow

Coronavirus: Thousands of migrants are moving to their hometwons on foot.

New Delhi:

The Supreme Court will on Monday hear a petition seeking relief for thousands of migrant workers who are leaving big cities en masse for their hometowns because they don’t have the resources to sustain during the 21-day coronavirus lockdown.

“Redress the heart wrenching and inhuman plight of thousands of migrant workers families – women, small children, elders and differently-abled persons – walking on foot for hundreds of kilometers, from cities to their native villages: without food, water, transport, medicine or shelter, amid coronavirus crisis,” the public interest litigation, filed by a lawyer, read.

“…The biggest sufferers of this crisis situation are the poor, unregistered migrant workers, working in various big cities of India as rickshaw-pullers, ragpickers, construction workers, factory workers, house-maids, servants, unskilled and semi-skilled workers,” it further said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week announced a total shutdown in the country to check the transmission of the highly contagious virus. Jobless and lacking the money required for sustenance, thousands of daily-wage migrant workers left from Delhi for their hometowns in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar on foot, as all transport services were halted because of the lockdown.

The Ministry of Home Affairs today ordered the state governments to seal their borders and strictly enforce the lockdown. The centre also asked to provide food and shelter to those stranded, including migrant workers. It also asked them to put in quarantine those who have already left for their hometowns.

Coronavirus has killed 27 people in India, with total active cases crossing the 1000-mark.

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