Stunning Callousness From Passengers Defying Home Quarantine Prompts Railways To Energise Appeals For Public Safety 

On 21 March, the Ministry of Railways said on Twitter that four passengers travelling in a coach on Mumbai-Jabalpur Godan on March 16 have been tested positive for coronavirus. It said that these passengers had arrived from Dubai last week. All concerned had been alerted to take necessary action.

Earlier today, the Ministry of Railways had tweeted that two passengers marked for the mandatory home quarantine were found travelling on the Bangalore-Delhi Rajdhani Express. They were deboarded from the train and the entire coach was sanitised.

In another post on Twitter, the Ministry of Railways mentioned that 8 passengers travelling on the Ramgundam bound Sampark Kranti Express were found positive.

The Ministry also urged people to ensure that they do not have a fever and other possible symptoms of Covid-19, such as difficulty in breathing, and cough etc. before travelling. It advised citizens to inform railway employees in case they noticed such symptoms. It said on Twitter, “Such cases are being found on Railways. Public is requested not to travel on passenger and long distance trains unless absolutely necessary. Be safe and keep others safe.”

Perhaps prompted by the need to spread awareness on the ills of travelling out of panic, or the want for leaving the cities and towns for the native place in the wake of Covid-19, Member of Parliament Delhi (North-East) Manoj Tiwari made an appeal to people to avoid travelling on trains to fight the spread of Covid-19.

Tiwari mentioned the overcrowding of train platforms and trains and said that travelling on trains, currently, in the wake of the Coronavirus spread, especially out of a sense of panic, would not be conducive to personal and public health.

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