Over 5000 Educators, Innovators Participate In MHRD’s “Fight Corona IDEAthon”

Amid the growing number of cases of novel coronavirus in the country and around the world, only science and technology in the hands of capable scientists and innovators can come to our rescue in developing innovative but effective solutions.

With this in mind, the “Fight Corona IDEAthon” was launched by MHRD Innovation cell & AICTE in partnership with Forge & InnovatioCuris.

As per India Today report, around 5,379 students, innovators, educators, hackers, researchers, startups and professionals registered to participate in the two day event which began on Friday (27 March).

The aim of the event was to generate and transform innovative ideas into viable solutions that can support the community in managing the uncertainties arising out of the pandemic.

Challenges and problem statements have been sought from healthcare professionals, government officials and other stakeholders working on the ground under 8 different categories such as Personal hygiene and Protection, awareness, preparedness and responsible behaviour, medical systems – diagnostic and therapeutic, screening, testing and monitoring – devices and it/digital/data solutions, protecting most vulnerable groups, etc.

Additionally, the participants were given problem statements of high magnitude such as the design of Reusable/washable masks, a system that can disinfect currency notes/coins, mobile applications with an ability to provide right, reliable and authentic information to curb infection and the spread of panic, among other. These were put forth for student innovators, educators, researchers, professionals and startups to ideate and innovate feasible products.

Ideas and solutions that demonstrate a proof of potential shall be awarded cash prizes up to Rs. 7 lakhs (sponsored by AICTE and AWS) and shall be offered innovation grants up to Rs. 40 lakhs to enable them to accelerate further development of their ideas and prototypes.

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