Mangalore Churches To Ring Bells At 5 PM Tomorrow

The Diocese of Mangalore has sent out a letter to all the parish priests under it to observe “Janata Curfew” tomorrow.

The Bishop of Mangalore, Reverend Father Peter Paul Saldanha, wrote the letter asking all parish priests to not just cancel all public liturgical services but also cancel all private ones and visits to churches and chapels.

He also asked all churches to join in applauding the services of those working to help in dealing with the pandemic by ringing the bells.

“The Prime Minister has asked us to stand in the balconies and doorsteps on Sunday, 22 March at 5 pm and clap for five minutes to gratefully acknowledge their selfless services,” said the Bishop noted his letter.

“While it is possible at the individual level to applaud by clapping hands, at the institutional level, we can express it by ringing the bells,” he adds.

The letter explains that since it was catholic tradition, to ring the church bells and invite people to divine service, announce good or sad news, all the priests could arrange for the same in their respective churches and chapels at 5 pm on 22 March.

“This will be a humble expression of our gratitude and selfless service in these moments of crisis,” added the Bishop.

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