Malaria Medicine Might Cure The Situation For Trump But Won’t Stop The Coronavirus Pandemic

With no drug approved as coronavirus’ cure and a possible vaccine still a year away, Donald Trump’s ‘game-changer’ anti-malaria chloroquine, might help. Seems America has found the fastest way to deal with coronavirus.

The COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus has wreaked real havoc on the planet. The global death rate has been on a continuous rise. With the number of positive cases escalating by the hour, researchers and scientists are looking for new ways to combat the bio-threat.

A recent addition to this is an old drug that has shown promise in fighting the virus. After US President Donald Trump called the drug as a ‘game-changer’, doctors and hospitals are turning to decades-old anti-malaria drug to combat the disease spreading due to coronavirus.

Highlights! Has the US found an answer to fight coronavirus?

  • Is chloroquine the answer to COVID-19?
  • Is chloroquine Trump’s ‘game-changer’?
  • A treatment faster than a cure?

Is chloroquine the answer to coronavirus?

According to infectious disease specialist Dr. Stephen Blatt, researches are underway but nothing as such has been proven to fight against the coronavirus. However, an anti-malarial drug called chloroquine has been creating a serious buzz all around. Of late, the drug has been getting backing form the US President and his coronavirus task force.

Anti-malaria Treatment For Coronavirus
An anti-malaria drug called chloroquine has been termed as a ‘game-changer’ by Donald Trump in combating COVID-19. | Coronavirus | DKDOING | Image Credits: Business Today

Chloroquine is a drug used to treat a mosquito-borne illness called malaria and is available only on prescription. The drug had earlier shown its ability to fight off previous coronavirus infections such as SARS. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed that they are looking at this drug for compassionate use with reference to COVID-19.

Trump’s ‘game-changer’

While attending a media session at the White House, US President Donald Trump termed the anti-malaria drug as ‘game-changer’. He believes that the drug will offer an immediate solution for the coronavirus pandemic and has already been ‘approved’. However, the FDA has said that that research is still underway. They expect the drug to show positive signs.

“It may work, it may not. I feel good about it.” Donald Trump, when asked if his ‘game-changer’ was just a false hope for the nation

Video Credits: CBS This Morning

The US health officials have confirmed that clinical trials are underway and the drug might be used to treat the coronavirus symptoms. On the other hand, the FDA wants to carefully study the potential of the drug before recommending its use.


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A treatment faster than a cure?

Chloroquine, or hydroxychloroquine, has been used to treat malaria since 1944. However, according to the FDA, no drug has been approved to treat COVID-19. And a vaccine remains at least a year away. So, with the current research and study under process, positive results from chloroquine will be the most feasible way forward. It will be probably the fastest way to deal with the pandemic.

Guess with a potential of coronavirus cure in anti-malaria medicine chloroquine, we can trust. Fingers crossed!


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