Instead of supporting labourers returning home, UP police and administration beating them: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday said that Uttar Pradesh residents, who live and work in other parts of the country, have suffered the maximum at the hands of the state administration during the lockdown.
“UP has faced the maximum brunt of heart-rending scenes of migrant labourers returning home. People are now being quarantined in inhuman conditions and sprayed with insecticides. Instead of supporting those returning home, police and administration in UP are beating them up and roughing them up,” Vadra said.
“Our workers have assisted the labourers with food and medicines. Also, testing for COVID-19 remains the key to prevent it,” she said.
Earlier today, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday asked fellow party members to act as ‘watchdogs’ to ensure that the interests of the poor and vulnerable section of the society are protected during the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country.
“Congress workers need to help people, soften the blow and assist in every manner possible. Also, let us take the message that we need to take special care of our senior citizens and elders,” he added.
The party leader said that the country should be prepared for the economic devastation that could follow the COVID-19 pandemic

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