India Quarantines — PM Modi Explains Strategy For 21 Days Of Lockdown

PM Modi’s second address to India within a week that summons the 21-day national lockdown… had little information to offer.

Highlights! PM Modi Explains India’s Lockdown Strategy To Tackle The Coronavirus Crisis

  • India’s 21-day nationwide-lockdown
  • PM Modi’s crisis management strategy to help the citizens of India procure essentials without stepping out of the Lakshman Rekha
  • INR 15,000 Crore allocation
  • The plan to strengthen India’s healthcare facilities
  • Plan to ensure 94% population working in the unorganized sector have bread for the next 21 days

India’s edging close to the nervous day where it sees an
explosion in the number of cases and things go rapidly spiralling down. In that
atmosphere, which is very much a reality well-understood across majority (barring
a quite significant few), PM Modi reiterated the fact to all a nervous 130
crore Indian who had all already anticipated the impending lockdown.

PM Modi thanked the nation for the Janta Curfew’s ‘success’ and started noting that the COVID-19 pandemic had crippled the most capable nations. Setting up the scene where the government can also be sympathized with along with the helpless population peaking at the impending doom, PM Modi urged the nation to make social distancing sacrosanct for 21 days of national lockdown.

The Onus Is On You

The chain of COVID-19 spread needs to be broken to stop the
outbreak. PM Modi warned Indians that irresponsible behaviour on the part of
some will adversely affect all, striking the emotional cord with “kids, family
members, friends and the entire nation”. However, while sending India on a 21-day
curfew, the PM did not elaborate on how the state is looking forward to ensuring
the lockdown.

While sending India on a 21-day curfew, the PM did not elaborate on how the state is looking forward to ensuring the lockdown.

With guarantees abound, PM Modi restricted Indians inside their homes without any earlier notices. Panic buying has been happening among the resourceful, but it can’t be forgotten that the majority of the country still struggles around the line of poverty.

With a lockdown, PM Modi was reluctant to shed much light on the government’s plan for every district and every village that will go under lockdown. However, he did admit that the hour of the crisis has also affected India’s poor and that his government will work to minimize the impact.  

What’s Already Out There

PM Modi explained what’s already out there. A 21-day lockdown that’s already being implemented around the world. If anything, it has to be asked why the government waited the last week. With another witty comparison, PM Modi told Indians to comply with the curfew for 21 days to ensure that the nation isn’t dragged back 21 years. The only numeric claim in the PM’s speech is by no means a scientific deduction.

PM Modi used a fact already out in the media – days it took for the virus to infect first, second and third hundred thousand or lakh. He then took WHO’s advisory on not stepping outside and used the “Lakshman Rekha” reference from Hindu mythology to make it more appealing.

Reiterating, that “patience and discipline” of the individual is key, PM pacified nervous citizens ensuring that the central government was doing “all it could” to strengthen India’s healthcare system. PM also announced that the Centre will allocate Rs 15,000 crore for the cause. To give you a scale of the contribution, the Kerala state government has allocated Rs 20,000 crore.

Conceding the Fight but with Theatrics to Deceive

Essentially, PM Modi bought people into the fact that India’s healthcare system won’t be able to deal with an outbreak of the intensity that we saw in China, and are witnessing in Italy, France, Germany, Iran and the US.

PM Modi with the blueprint of India’s strategy to fight the incoming coronavirus crisis and the 21-day lockdown. | Newsline | DKODING | Image Credits: Maharashtra Times

Taking names of several first-world nations, He aroused awe for a virus that beat their modern healthcare systems. PM garnered sympathy for India’s shoddy healthcare facility with 100,000 ICUs for 130,00,00,000 citizens. But more interestingly he did this not as a PM, but a family member.  

With theatrics, he held up a poster expanding “Corona” to the Hindi word for “No one on the road”. Comparing citizens to a ray of hope, PM played feel-good guru again. But bereft of any major policy decisions or information about India’s own quest to expand testing or an outside chance investment in R&D of a cure.

He gave hope and strength to the 94% population that earns its bread from the unorganized sector and how that bread will keep coming for the next 21 days.


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