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BHOPAL: An MP youth, who made TikTok videos to ridicule the use of masks, saying ‘trust in god not in a piece of cloth’, has had a sobering lesson after testing positive for Covid-19.
Looking far from cheery in contrast to his older videos, the 25-year-old posted a TikTok clip from his hospital bed in Sagar on Saturday, saying: “Pray for me, friends.” That’s the last video he will be posting from hospital as his phone was taken away.
His no-mask videos had gone viral, like the disease. He is an electrician but came as a saviour to many during the lockdown, distributing vegetables among the needy for free. In his first TikTok video, he is seen wearing sunglasses and lounging with swag on a two-wheeler as he explains why he doesn’t wear a mask.
Someone is heard asking: “Arre bhai, virus ke wajah se mask nahi pahente (brother, why don’t you wear a mask)?” He replies: “Iss kapde ke tukde pe kya bharosa karna, karna hai toh uss upar wale pe karo (why trust this piece of cloth, trust in the Almighty).” With this profound statement lingering in the air, he walks off, slow motion style.
Local sources say he continued to go around without a mask, distributing veggies to help people.
On Friday, he tested positive and was admitted to Bundelkhand Medical College in Sagar. From his hospital bed, he posted a new video. Looking pale and sounding frightened, he asks people to pray for him. “Doctors have declared me corona-positive. Please continue to support me and pray for me. I will not be able to post TikTok videos from now on,” he says in the video.’
Health officials don’t yet know how he got infected. Since he had helped out several people, the administration is going to the localities he visited to identify people he may have come in contact with.
Dean of the medical college, Dr GS Patel, told mediapersons, “The youth’s contact history is being traced to identify other people.”
Police in Sagar suspect he may have come with an infected person during a visit to Jabalpur. The locality, where his five-year-old child and wife live, has been declared a containment zone.

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