DRDO develops walk-through fumigation unit | India News

NEW DELHI: The DRDO on Saturday said it has developed a portable full-body decontamination chamber or personnel sanitisation enclosure (PSE), which can be used in hospitals, office buildings and other critical installations.
“The enclosure, equipped with sanitiser and soap dispenser, is a walk-through enclosure designed to disinfect one person at a time. Designed by DRDO lab, Vehicle Research Development Establishment, at Ahmednagar, the PSE has been manufact- ured with the help of M/s D H Ltd, Ghaziabad within four days,” said an official.
“Upon entry, electrically-operated pumps create a disinfectant mist of hypo sodium chloride. The mist spray is calibrated for an operation of 25 seconds,” he said.
Two other DRDO labs have also developed light-weight full face protection masks for health care professionals.

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