DekhoApnaDesh Webinar Launched To Showcase Incredible India As Coronavirus Pandemic Keeps Tourists In Homes

Showcasing the long history of Delhi and its unique culture, Tourism Ministry has launched a webinar titled “City of Cities – Delhi’s personal Diary” on Tuesday (14 April) touching upon various aspects of the capital city.

The first webinar, conducted over the Internet, which is part of its “DekhoApnaDesh” webinar series, would focus upon the long history of Delhi as it has unfolded as eight cities, each one unique in its character and leaving behind traces which makes Delhi the magnificent city that it is today.

“DekhoApnaDesh” webinar series will continue and the Ministry would work towards showcasing the diverse and remarkable history and culture of India.

COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on all human life and not just in India but globally. Tourism as a sector is naturally hugely impacted with no movement happening either domestically or from across the border.

But owing to technology, it is possible to visit places and destinations virtually and plan our travels for a later date. In these unprecedented times, technology is coming handy to maintain human contact and also keep faith that times will be good to be able to travel again soon.

Keeping this in view, the Ministry has launched its “DekhoApnaDesh” webinar series to provide information on the many destinations and the sheer depth and expanse of the culture and heritage of our Incredible India.

The series of webinars shall be an on-going feature and the Ministry would work towards showcasing the diverse and remarkable history and culture of India including its monuments, cuisine, arts, dance forms. natural landscapes, festivals and many other aspects of the rich Indian civilisation, said Tourism and Culture Minister Prahlad Singh Patel.

The core of the session based itself on tourism awareness and social history. Laced with interesting anecdotes the session which was conducted by the India city walks for the Ministry, had enthusiastic participation with 5546 persons registering and many interesting questions were raised which depict the interest of the participants.

The webinar shall be available in public domain soon. It will be available on the Ministry’s social media handles- IncredibleIndia on Instagram and Facebook.

The next webinar is on 16 April from 11:00am to 12:00 noon and shall take visitors to the amazing City of Kolkata.

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