D-Mart Founder, Second Richest Indian Radhakishan Damani Donates Rs 155 Crore For Nation’s Fight Against COVID-19

Second richest Indians and the promoter of Avenue Supermarts which owns the fabled modern retail brand D-Mart, Radhakishan Damani has donated a whopping Rs 155 crore to different funds to aid the nation’s fight to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Financial Express.

Damani has donated a sum of Rs 100 crore to the PM CARES fund which was recently launched by Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi himself. Apart from this, Damani has donated a sum of Rs 55 crore to the relief funds operated by various State Governments.

Damani has made the contributions through his group company Bright Star Investments Private Limited. The company also issued a statement which read, “We are fully supportive of the swift actions taken by the central, State and Local Government Bodies of India to protect the general public. each of us also needs to do our best to protect our communities and fellow countrymen.”

Damani is presently the second richest Indian after Mukesh Ambani. He is a veteran investor and he had ventured into modern retail with the launch of D-Mart hypermarkets in 2002 with its first branch having opened in Mumbai’s Hiranandani Gardens.

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