Authorities Forced To Close Bus Windows After Tablighi Jamaat Members Start Spitting Out On Roads

In yet another report indicting the Tablighi Jamaat for facilitating the spread of COVID-19, the clerics being transported for testing were found spitting on the roads purportedly in attempts to spread the infection.

As per an Aaj Tak report, an official monitoring the transportation of suspected COVID-19 cases from Markaz Nizamuddin, the Delhi headquarters of Tablighi Jamaat said that to stop the members from spitting on the roads the bus windows had to be shut.

Previously, a Bengaluru man was booked for exhorting fellow community members on social media to spit in public places in order to spread the infection.

Tablighi Jamaat has emerged as a main vector spreading the Covid-19 in not just India, but across the world.

Delhi Health Minister said that an estimated that 1,500-1,700 people had recently assembled at the Markaz building for the Nizamuding Banglewali masjid event organised by Tablighi Jamaat.

He added that 1,033 people have been evacuated so far of which 334 have been sent to hospital and 700 have been sent to the quarantine centre, and 24 have tested positive for coronavirus as of today.

The foreigners who violated Visa rules to attend the event have been linked to 10 deaths, and 300 cases so far.

Yesterday, after the reports of the event and the Jamaat members touring the country, the state governments were forced to launch a massive manhunt to trace the suspected cases.

Following extensive contact tracing pursuits, the state of Tamil Nadu reported 50 people testing positive for Covid-19 today. All of them had attended an event organised by the Tablighi Jamaat group.

Assam has reported its first Covid-19 case and is tracing the close to 450 persons who attended the Tablighi Jamaat event.

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